We're a wife and husband team specialized in content creation and marketing strategy.


We believe business can be used as a force for good. That’s why we’re working with socially driven businesses to grow their brand through authentic content creation and storytelling.



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Kinsho Kitchen


Our Bread & Butter

Content Creation


Gif Creation

Food Styling

Post Production

Graphic Design

Art Direction

Squarespace Development

Marketing Strategy

Brand + Content Strategy

Social Media

Research + Analysis

Campaign Development

Event Marketing

Trade Show Strategy + Planning

Influencer Strategy + Execution



Putting a face to the name



From her great grandfather's Boston-based wholesale tomato business to her cousin's organic fruit farm in New Hampshire, food and an entrepreneurial spirit have run deep in Joanna's family. Since she was a youngin', Joanna has always had a passion for crafting a brand and letting the world know about it (starting with her lemonade stand revamp to a build-your-own fresh smoothie bar).

Fast-forward to adulthood, Joanna has worked on marketing teams of all sizes including at Fortune 500 and start-up companies. From working on consumer-facing retail and food brands to wholesale food manufacturers, Joanna's versatile experience has given her a Swiss Army Knife of marketing skills.

Wanting to make more of an impact and support businesses that are making positive change, Joanna took the leap to start Harbinger with her husband. Knowing that strong marketing can make any brand successful, Joanna makes it her mission to provide those resources to smaller, socially-driven businesses.

Fun Facts

💤 My dreams are extremely vivid and odd (Recent Dream: Nemo's mom was actually a human journalist living in NYC) 💤

🥞 Pancakes. Maple Syrup. Black Coffee. That's all I need. 🥞

💃 I <3 dancing (so much so that I split my pants dancing at my own wedding) 💃



Starting long ago, Sean always knew we wanted to do something creative with his life. As he grew older, that road towards creativity took many paths. In parallel to Sean’s journey to creative nirvana, he was also exploring the world of all things food and cooking.

Jump to Chicago. The Windy City. Chi-Town. Sean spent his early career working at a large agency where he dove into the fast-pace, caffeine-fueled advertising world, working on multi-media campaigns for national food brands.

Sean moved to Boston where he worked for a mid-sized agency as an art director building out more of his design skill set. During this time, he began to find a void in his life, and her name was Food. So, in addition to his agency job, Sean began a side hustle as a freelance food stylist and photographer.

While working with smaller food brands, Sean found that he could combine his love for creativity and food through supporting these businesses with the tools they needed to succeed with engaging (and appetizing) content.

Fun Facts

🍍My favorite fruit is pineapple (Hello, hospitality!) 🍍

📱I’ve never owned any model of iPhone (Android gang for life) 📱

📗I’ve never even read one sentence of any of the Harry Potter books (I’m sorry, Harry) 📗



Our Compatibility


We’re looking for:

Genuine People - We love working with people that believe in what they are doing can make a difference and have a lot of passion doing it ✨

Positive Change - Businesses that are creating positive change or want to create that change with our help✌️

Potential - Brands that have potential but just need a little (or a lot) of help from us to get them there 💁

You’re looking for:

Flexibility & Versatility - We’ll work within your budget to provide services specifically for your current business needs. Why pay for more if you don’t need it? 🎚️

An Extended Trusted Team - Building trust with our clients is the name of the game and we pride ourselves on starting that relationship strong. From day one, we strive to be an intimate part of your team. 🔒

Transparency - We tell you the ins-and-outs of what’s going on behind the scenes and enjoy working directly with you; no middle men. 🤝